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What are JBC's favourite homemade cordials for the Spring?

8 February 2018
Tags: soft drinks, glass bottles, cordials

As the seasons change, the food and drink that we love to consume changes too. And as the days get longer and the air just that little bit warmer, there’s nothing quite like a cordial to give tastebuds a daily treat. Homemade cordials are the best, in our opinion, because you can get the flavour combinations just right when you’re making them at home. Use one of our glass soft drinks bottles for storage with their airtight design, and your cordial will take you all the way to summer too. Here are a few of our favourite cordial recipes for you to try at home.

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How to: Ensure your homebrew packaging is as green as it can be

19 January 2018
Tags: glass bottles, glass jars, sustainability, packaging

Environmentally friendly packaging is something that we can all choose as a consumer, from selecting glass jars at the supermarket, to opting for products that minimise the volume of plastic that is used to wrap and pack items. And, as a home brewer too, you have the option to make sure that the packaging you use is as green as it can possibly be.

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What packaging trends are we likely to see in 2018?

5 January 2018
Tags: packaging design, packaging innovations

The New Year brings with it a fresh range of ideas and innovations for the retail industry. From faster and better fulfillment, to new ways of overcoming old obstacles, 2018 represents a great opportunity for positive change. Packaging, like many other areas of retail and fulfillment, is also going to see some disruption – these are a few of the packaging trends that are most likely to come to the fore in 2018.

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Could glass be the answer to greener packaging in 2018?

14 December 2017
Tags: glass, packaging

We are increasingly becoming more aware of the negative impact of much of the packaging that we use for consumer products. Pressure to reduce packaging and to use packaging that is recyclable falls on every business, as well as a waste duty of care to meet recovery and recycling obligations. As we turn to the New Year, environmental concerns move further up the list, not just for businesses in terms of compliance but also for consumers looking to buy from companies that are able to offer greener packaging alternatives. One increasingly popular option is glass.

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How to: Start homebrewing as a new hobby

8 December 2017
Tags: homebrewing, how to, glass jars

The New Year is the perfect opportunity to start a new hobby. So, as 2018 approaches, if you’ve ever thought about homebrewing then this might be the perfect time to start planning your first batch. There are lots of reasons why you might want to consider getting into the world of homebrewing. From adding another string to your bow, to the delicious beer you can produce, there are some obvious benefits to doing this for yourself, which is why homebrewing is so popular in the UK.

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