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How does choosing glass bottles make your packaging more family-friendly?

12 September 2018
Tags: glass bottles, glass, packaging

Plastic has dominated mainstream packaging for sometime but families are increasingly looking for other options. Glass bottles and glass jars have a number of important advantages over plastic, and other materials, when it comes to family safety, as well as convenience and brand values. Increasingly more and more families want to invest in environmentally sustainable packaging options without compromising on quality or performance – and that’s why glass bottles are such a family friendly choice.

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What are the positive impacts of recycling your used glass bottles and glass jars?

29 August 2018
Tags: glass, recycling, glass bottles, glass jars

Glass is a fantastic material - high quality and a non-toxic, it looks beautiful and won’t affect the taste of anything it contains in the same way as something like plastic. It’s also a great option for anyone keen to reduce their impact on the environment, as it can be recycled. If you’re focused on eco concerns then there are some very positive impacts to recycling used glass bottles and glass jars.

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How to: Prepare your own classic strawberry and raspberry jams at home

16 August 2018
Tags: glass jars

Whether you spread it on a scone or save it for crumpet season, there is nothing quite like home made strawberry or raspberry jam. The summer months are the ideal time to start making your own jams from soft fruit, sticking to the classic recipes or adding your own tasty twists, such as basil with your strawberry or rose with your raspberry. If you’re looking for a classic jam base to start with then this is the ideal recipe.

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Why is recycling glass jars important?

20 July 2018
Tags: glass jars

Almost any packaging made from glass can be recycled. From glass jars for jam or pickle through to glass bottles for beer or spirits, when you finish the product inside, you don’t have to throw out the packaging, you can recycle it instead. Recycling glass jars is a very easy way to make a positive difference when it comes to the environment – but why is it so important?

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How to choose environmentally-friendly packaging for your product

5 July 2018
Tags: glass jars, glass bottles, packaging, cardboard

The issue of product packaging is an increasingly hot topic. A recent Mintel study identified that sustainable packaging choices are now a key consideration for retailers and green packaging is now a major factor for consumers when deciding which brands to buy from. Environmentally friendly packaging not only makes a positive difference to the impact that a business has on the natural world but will also help to strengthen bonds with consumers and demonstrate social responsibility. We all have a responsibility to make more environmentally friendly packaging choices – whether you’re a homebrewer or a national brand, the packaging you opt for really can make a difference.

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