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Tips for the new homebrewer to get started

25 May 2018
Tags: homebrew, glass bottles, beer

The art of homebrewing has widespread appeal. It’s not just about being able to circumvent the cost of buying in beer and ale but also having more control over what you drink, in terms of taste and quality. Plus, it’s a skill that, once learned, can be enjoyed by family and friends and one that many people pass on to the next generation. If you’re keen to get started as a homebrewer for the first time then these are our key tips.

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How to: DIY Candles in a Jar to brighten up your home

11 May 2018
Tags: glass jars, how to, DIY

Whether you’re into wellness or interior design, candles are a great way to bring life and scent into your home. Buying candles ready made can be expensive – and the scents are often not quite suited to personal taste – which is why DIY candles in a jar are the perfect solution.

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Choosing a glass bottle for your product is as simple as 1, 2, 3...

25 April 2018
Tags: Glass bottles

The way that you package and present your product will have a huge impact on its appeal. Whether you are looking for a way to preserve homebrew or the perfect container for jam to retail to your customers, glass bottles and glass jars have many advantages. From the high quality look and feel of the right glass jar, to the way it protects and preserves without impacting on the taste of what’s inside, there are few packaging options that are quite so comprehensive. But how do you choose the right glass bottle or glass jar for your product?

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What benefits are there to choosing packaging that fits your corporate social responsibility?

12 April 2018
Tags: packaging, glass jars, glass bottles

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has evolved significantly in recent years. Today, it has become a powerful force in business and a key component in how consumers and customers choose the brands that they want to buy from. So, a clear corporate social responsibility policy is an important part of establishing a brand identity for any business. However, it doesn’t stop there – if you want to demonstrate commitment to your CSR then this needs to be evident in the decisions your organisation takes. Choosing packaging that fits with your CSR policy is a crucial part of this.

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How to: Make delicious bottled salad dressings using fresh ingredients

28 March 2018
Tags: How to, glass bottles

As any fresh vegetable and salad lover will tell you, there isn’t a raw dish on earth that is complete without a dressing. Salad dressings can turn a few pieces of lettuce and tomato into something fragrant and delicious. They bring taste, piquancy and texture to any lunch, dinner or snack. And, best of all, with a few fresh ingredients and the right oil and sauce bottles you can make your own at home. Here are a few classic – and innovative – salad dressings for inspiration.

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