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The Ten Commandments of Homebrew

30 April 2013
Tags: homebrew, bottles

Centuries ago, wise mandates were passed down by an all-knowing entity for devout followers to abide by. Here they are – the 10 commandments of homebrew:

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Choosing the Best Beer Bottle for You

4 April 2013

The art of selecting the right bottle for your homebrew is an often underrated one. You can brew the tastiest, most balanced booze, but if it’s not housed in the appropriate receptacle then it can really spoil the long-awaited sensation.

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Introducing the 72ml KilnClip Jar

3 April 2013

It may be small and unassuming, but the 72ml KilnClip Jar – one of our most recent additions at JBC Online – is becoming one of the most trendy accessories for the 21st century kitchen.

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