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Homebrew Supplies – What You Need to Get Brewing

22 March 2013

There's no doubt that home brewing is one of life’s great pleasures. After combining your various ingredients in meticulously-measured quantities and performing your scheduled tasks to the very finest detail, before waiting what seems like an age for the stuff to ferment fully, that first sip of freshly brewed beer is astonishing.

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How to Avoid the Most Common Homebrew Mistakes

5 March 2013

As homebrew aficionados, it’s fair to say that at JBC Online we’ve seen of our fair share of fermenting calamities. Whether because of bad advice, dodgy ingredients or simply a lack of common sense, it’s no mistake that things can sometimes go wrong – and after all, it’s the mistakes that make the best batches taste ever sweeter.

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How to Clean a Demi-John Bottle

4 March 2013

With its bulbous shape, distinctive ear-shaped handles and very large capacity, it’s fair to say that the demi-john is one of the most iconic bottles out there.

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