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How to Make: Jam Doughnuts

27 January 2014

Take a bite into a ball of sugary dough goodness and taste the glorious fruity raspberry jam centre. Delicious! Can you resist from licking your lips? 

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How to Make: Pin Cushion Jars

20 January 2014
Tags: how to make, jars

Do you own a sewing tin or have you just shoved all your mending materials in a draw somewhere? If you have ever stabbed yourself with a pin accidently then you know how painful it is and the importance of having suitable storage.

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How to: Brew Beer at Home

13 January 2014
Tags: how to make, homebrew, homebrew bottles, homebrew equipment

Do you enjoy a Friday night down the pub with friends but finding 

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How to Make: Glow in the Dark Fairies in a Jar

6 January 2014
Tags: how to make, jars

Christmas is now over and are you thinking ahead and looking for something to do with your children over the long February half term or Easter break? The weather in Britain is ever unpredictable so you need to think of things you can do at home as well as outside. Well, you could arrange for all of you to go indoor camping? 

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