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5 of the Best Miniature Glass Bottle Vases

17 March 2014
Tags: bottles

When you have a few wild flowers or a single stem flower then your best vase may make them look swamped. You need something smaller, cuter but still beautiful enough to display.

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How to Make: Mini Jar Cupcake Storage

10 March 2014
Tags: how to make, jars

Have you seen those cute mini cupcake trinket boxes that seem to be in every gift shop you walk into? Well why fork out a small fortune on one as a gift for a friend when you can make your own? Here’s how with an easy to follow guide:

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A Message in a Bottle

3 March 2014
Tags: bottles

In the immortal words of Sting “I’ll send an SOS to the world, I hope that someone gets my message in a bottle”. Here at JBC Online we are proud of our quality glass bottles so why not order one of them and send a message to the world.

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