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How to: Make your own apple cider

24 October 2014
Tags: how to, cider, swingtop

As the weather begins to get colder, and you accept that you need to embrace the fact that Autumn has arrived, it’s time to ask yourself “Am I making the most of it?” What better way to do this than to use as many of your apples as possible before they fall?

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Homebrew as a cost effective way to enjoy beer

14 October 2014
Tags: homebrew

If you want to enjoy a good beer, the chances are that you will end up paying a fair amount for it. Perhaps the fact that the average beer price has risen by 1,948% since 1973 leaves a bitter taste in your mouth. Homebrewing is a great way to create the perfect beer to suit both your taste buds and your budget. And it’s not nearly as difficult as it might sound.

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