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How to: Make Quick Jams at Home

28 August 2015

Homemade jams needn’t be dull and uninteresting. Combining vibrant herbs and delicious fruits can produce naturally-sweetened recipes that are full of flavour. Overall, quick jams only take 20-30 minutes to make before the chilling process. And it gets better… these recipes can be made using only home kitchen equipment, so you won’t need to buy any specialist tools.

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4 Creative Ways to Use Mason Jars

6 August 2015
Tags: Mason Mugs, jars, glass

At the beginning of 2015, JBC identified the growing popularity of the Mason Mug. Since then, the Mason Mug has become even more widely used for a number of purposes, as well as simply storing food and drinks. The appeal of these unique jars is their character and multi-functionality.

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