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How to: Make Pomegranate Jam

27 February 2015
Tags: how to, jam, jars

Jam making is a great way to use your time on the colder, drearier days while you’re waiting for the spring to arrive. One of the best recipes for this time of year is pomegranate jam, since they’re in season and readily available for you to use.

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Is the Candle-in-a-jar the perfect gift for your Valentine?

2 February 2015
Tags: jars, candles, DIY, craft

DIY-craft is a growing trend in the online world. With only a couple of weeks until Valentine's Day, if you’re looking for something simple enough to make that is personalised to your loved one, homemade a Candle-in-a-jar could be just the thing. If you don’t have that special someone to give it to, the good news is that making these personalised candles is easy in bulk for your friends and family too.

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