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How to: Bake family favourite chocolate chip cookies in classic jars

29 July 2015
Tags: how to, cookies, jars

Are you fed up of complicated recipes? How about trying your hand at the timeless favourite of chocolate chip cookies? These are both delicious and suitable for adults and children alike, which makes them a definite family favourite. They’re extremely easy to make, and certainly an indulgent snack or pudding to enjoy. The added benefit of these tasty treats is that they only take 60 minutes to make.

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Top advice for creating the perfect homebrew

20 July 2015
Tags: homebrew, beer, glass bottles

The growing number of microbreweries across the UK is just one indicator of the increasing popularity of homebrewing. This creates a community where people are able to learn tips from each other to refine their brewing skills and create the perfect homebrew. But what advice do you need to know before getting started? Here are a few things to get right if you want the best results.

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