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How to: Make healthy blueberry almond chia puddings for a great summer dessert

26 June 2015
Tags: how to, glass jar, recipe

It’s the summer, and despite trying your hardest to get in shape, there seems to be no satisfying your sweet tooth. The latest health crazes just don’t seem to tickle your fancy… but a popular recipe that is taking the nation by storm is the chia seed pudding. Rich in Omega-3, protein and antioxidants, these tiny seeds can be used to make guilt-free puddings, breakfasts or snacks. We have come up with a delicious JBC recipe to help you get creative.

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Pick your Pickle… the dos and don’ts of pickling

4 June 2015
Tags: pickling, jars, canning

If you’re looking to preserve summer vegetables, pickling is the way to go. It’s easy to do, and produces deep, rich flavours to transform boring vegetables into vibrant ingredients. Whether it’s to snack on or to add to a bland meal, it’s amazing what a combination of spices, sugar, salt and vinegar can do to bring out different, exciting flavours.

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