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How to: Make nutty breakfast spreads in miniature jars

26 October 2015
Tags: glass jars, how to

There’s no doubt that toast is a popular choice for breakfast or lunch particularly during the winter months. With this comes a host of family favourites, including chocolate hazelnut spread and peanut butter. These are easy to make too, and simple to store in glass jars in the cupboard, ready for use by all. Miniature jars are the perfect way to keep batches of your spreads fresh, and control portions.

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Creative ways to recycle your empty bottles into crafts

22 October 2015

From bottle closures to the glass bottles themselves, there’s a great deal of creative things that you can do with your bottles once you’ve finished using them to recycle them into something new. After your bottle is empty, why not embrace your crafty side and have a go at some of these ideas:

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