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Families on-the-go… try these meals in a jar for kids

26 August 2016
Tags: glass jars

Across the nation, jars are being repurposed and used in a huge variety of ways. Some restaurants are even serving cocktails and drinks in jars, as a stylish and quirky trend. Whether you’d got old jars lying around, or want to buy some, glass jars are not only ideal for storing jams and preserves, but also for combining ingredients for specific recipes, and making up meals for on the go. If you’re looking for ways to keep your children occupied over the last part of the Summer Holidays, then these meals-in-a-jar provide the perfect opportunity to get creative – and make mealtimes more interesting whether you’re out and about, or at home. Here are some of our favourites for you to try…

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How to: Make your homebrew as good as the professionals

2 August 2016
Tags: how to, homebrew, glass bottles

Over the past few years, Britain has seen the rise of homebrewers across the UK. Long gone are the days of brewing cheap beers – nowadays, many of these homebrewers are competing at the highest level and winning over consumers as a popular choice up against professional breweries.

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