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How to: Winter liqueur ideas to impress your friends & family

16 February 2016
Tags: glass jars, glass bottles

We’re not quite out of the winter months yet, with the past few weeks being some of the coldest for the UK. But what better way to warm up than by making your own winter liqueurs to impress your friends and family? Here are some of JBC’s favourites:

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Assembling Your Gift Boxes

15 February 2016

At JBC Online we understand how difficult it can be to find the perfect packaging, that's why we have worked hard to bring you the best packaging we can. To help you put it together we have created two short instruction videos. 

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Jar Trail: Blackcurrant and Marshmallow Jam from Saints and Sinners Preserves

1 February 2016
Tags: jar trail, recipe, glass jars

Last week was National Breakfast Week, which raises awareness of the nutritional and health benefits of breakfast. If you’ve been encouraged to start your day with a healthy breakfast, why not maintain this habit by trying this jam recipe, for the perfect way to start your day. Jam is a versatile ingredient, and is as pleasant in a freshly baked scone as it is across a crisp slice of toasted bread.

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