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We're Going Nuts about Raw Ecstasy! (and we think you should too!)

20 January 2016
Tags: Feature, Nuts, Customer

We are very excited to present our first customer feature on Raw Ecstasy, the UK home of 'Activated Nuts'. So if you love nuts, dig your teeth into this feature to discover more about this ethical, organic, and healthy brand of nuts!

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Feeling crafty? Turn your empty beer bottles into glasses

19 January 2016
Tags: glass bottles

Have you got any beer bottles that it would be a real shame to simply throw away? Whether it’s the high quality glass, the shape of the bottles, or the design, sometimes old bottles can be put to use even once they’re empty. For those who are into craft ideas, an inventive way to reuse your bottles is to repurpose them as bespoke household glasses. Beer and wine bottle glasses are a growing trend, with homemade products being showcased online. Using a variety of different bottles can create a unique set of branded glasses for your family and friends to enjoy.

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Jar Trail: Pickled Eggs with London Glider Cider Vinegar

11 January 2016
Tags: jar trail, how to, London Glider Cider Vinegar, pickling, cider

Winter isn’t the easiest time of year to find fresh vegetables to pickle, but one food that is available universally throughout the year is the egg. And whether it’s for a snack, part of a salad or as an accompaniment to a traditional fish and chip take away, pickled eggs are a family favourite – and they’re easy to make.

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