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What health benefits does pickling offer?

22 July 2016
Tags: glass jars, pickling, how to

It might surprise you to know that one of the latest growing food trends is pickling. Popular chefs are leading the way by experimenting with pickling different items. But it’s not just the sharp flavour of vinegar that is appealing to consumers; it’s also the health benefits that come with it too.

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How to: Make portioned puddings in a jar

15 July 2016
Tags: how to, glass jars

Whether it’s summer BBQ time or you have guests for dinner, pre-made puddings in a jar are the ideal quick dessert. Already portioned desserts save time as they can be made in advance, but also provide a pretty and well-presented treat to your guests. This easy dessert is simple to make and the fruits can easily be substituted for alternative flavours. We’ve chosen to give you our favourite flavours – here’s what you will need:

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