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Why jars of sweets are a must have for your children’s birthday parties

23 March 2016
Tags: glass jars

It’s a known fact that every child has a sweet tooth, and with Easter coming up this week it’s an ideal time to try your hand at making some of your own tasty treats. What’s more, these are perfect for children’s birthdays. Jars of sweets are becoming more popular, giving a more retro feel instead of the plastic party bag and token slab of cake that your children will have no doubt received before!

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Jar Trail: Blackberry and Lavender Cordial from The Urban Cordial Company

9 March 2016
Tags: jar trail, how to, urban cordial company

It can sometimes be difficult to come up with new and exciting drinks ideas, so our friends at the Urban Cordial Company have come up with a delicious recipe for us, using their Blackberry & Lavender Cordial. This healthy drink is ideal for anyone watching their waistline, or simply looking for something new and enjoyable to drink.

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