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Water Bath vs Pressure Canning: When to use each method

31 May 2016
Tags: glass jars

If you’re using any of JBC’s glass jars to house your jams, chutneys and preserves, the one thing you will need to make sure that you do to keep your product fresh is to use a canning method. The two most popular canning methods are water bath canning and pressure canning. But how do you know which method to use, and what’s the best way to complete each method?

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Make a beeline for our Edinburgh Raspberry and Honey Jam

12 May 2016
Tags: jam jars, glass jars, recipe

It seems like this week the UK may have begun to experience the start of summer. This may be wishful thinking perhaps, however JBC’s Edinburgh Raspberry and Honey Jam provides the perfect summer taste whatever the weather. And what’s more is that this reduced sugar recipe will help your summer waistline too!

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