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How to: Canning for homemade products in glass jars

22 August 2017
Tags: canning, glass jars

For many years, people have been looking for ways to preserve food. One of the most effective ways of preserving food is canning, which reduces spoilage and allows foods to last longer. This method was discovered by Nicolas Appert, a French cook, who first used the basic packing, heating and sealing technique. This has been popular for home canners since John L. Mason created the first ever reusable jar (with a screw top lid) in the late 1850s. Later in 1915, the two-part canning lid that is familiar to many of us today was developed by Alexander H. Kerr.

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The mason jar trend has stood the test of time – get your own!

1 August 2017
Tags: mason mugs, mason jars, glass jars, jars

There has been something of a revolution in the glass jars industry in recent years. Mason jars – traditionally used for preserving and pickling and first invented in 1858 by John Landis Mason – are trending. These moulded glass jars have gone from being just a purely practical home essential to a much loved design feature and accessory at all the best picnics, dinners and parties. So, how did it happen?

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