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How to: Make no-bake portioned cheesecakes in jars

31 January 2017
Tags: how to, cheesecake, jars, glass jars

Individually portioned desserts are becoming a trend amongst restaurants and supermarkets alike. Many serve ready-slice cakes or carefully crafted individual cheesecakes to give a more personalised feel, and crafted finish. However, this is not difficult, and is easily something you can replicate at home, to give dinner guests something special as their dessert, or to portion your own puddings easily for better storage and easy consumption.

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3 ways keep your homebrew packaging environmentally friendly

3 January 2017
Tags: homebrew

Every year, around 1/3 of household waste is made up of different packaging elements, a huge volume of which is food and drinks packaging. To some level, packaging contributes to the safe, hygienic transportation of goods, and this is something you will need to consider as a homebrewer or small business if you want to gift or sell your beverages. However, there is now a greater awareness of sustainability and our personal responsibility to provide packaging that is environmentally friendly. Here are 3 ways that you can keep your homebrew packaging as green as possible:

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