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How to: Make your own delicious infused oils

14 July 2017
Tags: how to, infusion, oil, glass bottle, oil bottle

Infused oils are fast becoming a key recipe for success in the kitchen. Delicious, flavour-rich and impressive aesthetically, they’re ideal for use at home and also make great gifts. You might buy infused oils from an artisan store or a local farmer’s market but did you know that you can also make them at home?

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Great creative ideas, which make good use of empty glass jars

8 July 2017
Tags: glass jars, jars, glass

Whether you have a passion for recycling and reusing household items, or you’re looking for new containers for home made jam or materials for crafty gifts, glass jars have a lot of potential. These well made, attractive jars can be found in almost every home, from jam jars to kiln clip jars. Once you’ve used up the initial contents of these glass jars don’t bin them, as there is plenty that you can do with your empty glass jars to give them a new lease of life.

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