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How to: DIY Jams you can make at home

30 June 2017

Jam is a family favourite and cupboard staple, whether it’s eaten on toast or as a filling to your latest home-baked sponge cake. The great thing about jams is that it’s so easy to make your own to suit your exact tastes. Maybe your family loves a particular flavour or perhaps you’re just interested in trying out something completely new! Whatever your approach it, here are some of our favourite simple DIY Jam recipes that you can make at home:

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Summer berry cordial recipes you will love

12 June 2017
Tags: recipe, glass jars, glass bottles

Cordials are a popular summer drink, and they’re perfect for taking on your family picnic or as a gift to the latest BBQ you have been invited to. And what’s more is they’re really easy to make in a variety of flavours depending on your own personal taste. Here are a couple of our favourite seasonal summer berry cordial recipes that we think you will love:

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