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How to: Bake your own quirky cookies for glass cookie jars

29 September 2017
Tags: glass jars, how to, recipe

The majority of people are partial to the odd sweet treat, and the classic cookie is a choice that has been popular for decades. However, as our understanding of food and flavours has developed over time, this has led to more people experimenting with different ideas depending on their personal preferences. Here are some quirky recipes that we have come up with, that you might like to try to make, and present in glass cookie jars.

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Our 3 simple steps to a green packaging solution

21 September 2017
Tags: glass, packaging

Across the UK, more and more local councils are re-organising how their bin systems and collections work in order to encourage residents to minimise waste and recycle as much as possible. Over 1/3 of the total packaging thrown out each year is a combination of packaging, including packaging from food and drinks products. Every household consumes a small or large volume of these products every year, and therefore it is each individual’s responsibility to take control of the environmental impact they are having.

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