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How to: Ensure your homebrew packaging is as green as it can be

19 January 2018
Tags: glass bottles, glass jars, sustainability, packaging

Environmentally friendly packaging is something that we can all choose as a consumer, from selecting glass jars at the supermarket, to opting for products that minimise the volume of plastic that is used to wrap and pack items. And, as a home brewer too, you have the option to make sure that the packaging you use is as green as it can possibly be.

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What packaging trends are we likely to see in 2018?

5 January 2018
Tags: packaging design, packaging innovations

The New Year brings with it a fresh range of ideas and innovations for the retail industry. From faster and better fulfillment, to new ways of overcoming old obstacles, 2018 represents a great opportunity for positive change. Packaging, like many other areas of retail and fulfillment, is also going to see some disruption – these are a few of the packaging trends that are most likely to come to the fore in 2018.

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