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8 easy ways you can re-purpose empty glass jars to organise your kitchen

21 June 2018
Tags: glass jars, kitchen

Glass jars are a great alternative to plastic because they can be safely and stylishly reused in so many different ways. Whether your motivation is to buy less and live a more sustainable lifestyle, or simply to save some money, reusing empty glass jars to organise your kitchen can help you to take those first steps.

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How to: Create your own unique infused oils for cooking

14 June 2018
Tags: glass jars, how to, oil

Infused oils add depth of taste to dishes and are great for dipping – you’ll find them on the shelves of all the best kitchens. Whether you’re keen to create infused oils for your own use at home, or you’re making gifts for others, they are a fantastic cooking resource for those who love their food. You can create infused oils from any of your favourite ingredients, whether you’re a fan of herbs or you love citrus tastes.

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