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How to: Make delicious bottled salad dressings using fresh ingredients

28 March 2018
Tags: How to, glass bottles

As any fresh vegetable and salad lover will tell you, there isn’t a raw dish on earth that is complete without a dressing. Salad dressings can turn a few pieces of lettuce and tomato into something fragrant and delicious. They bring taste, piquancy and texture to any lunch, dinner or snack. And, best of all, with a few fresh ingredients and the right oil and sauce bottles you can make your own at home. Here are a few classic – and innovative – salad dressings for inspiration.

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Glass bottles vs. plastic… which is really best?

8 March 2018
Tags: Glass bottles

The containers we use for our products, food and drink have changed a lot over the past decade. Glass bottles came first but, in recent times, plastic has dominated the market. Today, however, there is a huge shift back towards glass, as a result of potentially harmful components in plastic products and the environmental impact of choosing one over the other. But which one is really best?

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