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How to: Be creative with eco-friendly Christmas packaging

3 December 2018
Tags: how to, DIY, packaging

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Packaging is one of the biggest environmental concerns that humans face. We’re filling our seas with plastics and creating huge issues with landfill because of wasteful choices. Christmas is often a time of year when this problem is put under a spotlight as many people are wrapping gifts, whether bought or home made. The good news is that, if you’re looking for more eco-friendly Christmas packaging ideas for this year, all it takes is a little creativity.

Go back to nature for the finishing touches

Rather than spending money on synthetic bows and ribbons that will just get used once, find your present decorations in nature this year. Eco friendly options, such as holly or mini pine sprigs are a great way to make your Christmas packages look festive – plus, they smell great. And when Christmas is over all you have to do is pop them outside to decompose or burn them on a bonfire. No harmful chemicals, no waste and they look pretty sophisticated too.

Opt for fabrics instead of paper

Rather than buying reams of plastic coated wrapping paper this year, look at using fabric to help wrap beautiful gifts. Gift bags can be made from any spare lengths of material that you have laying around and the recipient can regift them the following year or put them to another use, such as carrying travel toiletries. You could also wrap your gifts this year in the Japanese tradition of Furoshiki, a fabirc wrapping technique which involves layered materials designed to be reused – just include a note within the wrapping so that the person getting the gift knows what to do.

If you want to use paper, make it recyclable

Some wrapping paper is more recyclable than other options. For example, simple brown paper is much easier to recycle than wrapping paper that is covered in glitter or foil. You could also opt for paper that is already recycled so that your gifts this year don’t use virgin paper from freshly cut down trees. The reality is that you can use just about anything to “wrap” your gifts this year, from a pouch you’ve knitted yourself to old photos or newspapers.

Choose cardboard where you can

Cardboard is a great option for gifts that need structure or protection. It’s also ideal for anyone who is keen to be more eco-friendly with their packaging this year, as it’s naturally biodegradable. As long as it’s not contaminated for food or oil, cardboard is also completely recyclable. That makes it the ideal eco choice for a wide range of gifts, from toys to wrapped food. If you’re home brewing or bottling your own jams or chutneys this year then our cardboard gift boxes are the ideal way to present your gifts beautifully without using environmentally damaging wrapping and packaging.

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