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How to: Create DIY glass bottle vases for spring decorations in your home

20 April 2017
Tags: glass jars, craft, diy, vase


Now spring is here, many flowers are coming into bloom, and there is no better opportunity to brighten up your home or workplace with some inexpensive DIY glass bottle vases. These can be made to fit any environment and designed exactly to your taste.

Upcycling glass bottles

Upcycling, or recreating used items into new creations is becoming an increasingly popular trend. From furniture to decorative pieces, DIY projects to make something amazing out of old things is something that a growing number of people now choose to do, from home décor through to wedding table centrepieces or outside lighting features. DIY glass bottle vases are just one example of how to cost-effectively transform and re-use glass bottles to create a rustic and personalised feel.

Design options are varied

It can be difficult to find home decorations that are perfect and match what you are looking for. Not to mention, vases can be expensive and if you need a number of them the costs can add up. Most people will use glass bottles over time, and these can be washed out and kept to make your own vases for spring flowers, that are completely to your personal taste. If you use the same products then you’ll end up with matching glass bottles to use, or if you use a range of products in glass bottles, then you can even decorate a variety of different size and shape bottles for a unique and varied look.

Easy decorations for glass bottle vases

DIY decoration doesn’t need to be difficult either – anyone can do it, whether you’re extremely creative or just wanting to give it a try. For a rustic look, why not wrap yarn around the entirety of your glass jar and glue it down, or you can even paint the bottle white or a brighter colour to compliment your choice of flowers. For a more simple touch, try tying a ribbon around the centre of your glass bottle vases, or you can even hang them with string for a fantastic DIY-hanging glass bottle “basket”.

High quality glass bottles

Whatever look you decide you are aiming for, the glass bottles that you use will have the most significant impact on the overall finish of your DIY glass bottle vases. JBC stocks a wide range of the highest quality glass bottles, so you can start from scratch with a matching collection, or you can buy glass bottles to add to your own collection at home. Either way, you will know that the glass used is of optimum clarity and you can choose the sizes and shapes depending on your requirements, ranging from a small touch with a few flowers for a coffee table, to a full mid-table display in a much larger glass bottle.

Take a look at JBC’s blog for more craft ideas or browse our full range of glass bottles today.