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Jammin' with JBC - Cardiff Food Project

2 August 2013
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This week on Jammin’ with JBC, we’re delighted to talk all things baking and making with Lauren at Cardiff Food Project, a foodie who blogs all about the city’s food scene. 

Let’s meet her:

Hey Lauren. How long have you been cooking? 

I’ve been cooking since I was about 12 years old. That said, it’s only been in the last five years that I’ve studied cook books and started branching out and trying new things. My family aren’t really great cooks, so I had to teach myself pretty much everything I know. 

Sweet jam or savoury chutney – what does it for you?

I love jam in doughnuts of course – none of that custard filling for me, thank you very much. But I really love good chutney with a cheese board. I love desserts, but I’m more of a savoury person, so some lovely apple chutney with some brie, a smoked Welsh cheddar and a crusty baguette go down a treat every time. 

What’s the best chutney you’ve ever tasted? 

My favourite is Emily’s Homemade Norwich Apple Chutney. I pick it up from local farmer’s markets in Cardiff and, of course, it goes with a cheeseboard which I like to pair with some equally fruity cheeses.  

Do you have any ‘currant’ favourites?

I stick with what I know when it comes to preserves – so apple chutney all the way. 

What are the biggest disasters you’ve encountered in the kitchen? Have you suffered any particularly sticky situations? 

I attempted to make mini jam doughnut cakes once and write about it for my blog. The batter was a disaster; I overloaded the cake cases and added far too much jam. I blamed the oven, of course!

How do you like to bottle your concoctions?  

I love using mason jars, not just for canning, but as fun props for photo shoots for my blog as well.

Do you grow any of your own ingredients?

I’m not domesticated in the slightest and I have little patience! So I prefer to grab something fresh from the local fruit and veg stand rather than grow anything myself.  

What tips would you give a novice jamster?

Patience pays off! As a food blogger, I try to do new things at least once. Making jam was something I thought I would be good at and ended up with far too much to give away.

Thanks Lauren! You can read all about her food adventures on Cardiff Food Project, or follow her on Twitter

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