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Let's raise a glass to glass packaging this Christmas!

12 December 2018
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Toasting is essential at this time of year and, let’s be honest, just not the same with plastic bottles or glasses. However, glasses, glass jars and glass bottles aren’t only a great way to encourage festive cheer. For businesses, for consumers and for the environment there are some great advantages in opting for glass packaging over any other type.

A first choice packaging material

While the world has been focused on the disadvantages and damage being done by plastic, the use of glass continues to rise. Global glass packaging market volume was at 47,000kt in 2013 and is expected to reach 60,847kt by 2020.

Glass is a versatile packaging choice and, particularly with innovation that has created lighter and more durable options, can also be one of the most reliable packaging types. It has long been the choice for premium products, especially food and alcohol. One of the main reasons for this is that glass jars and glass bottles don’t affect the consumption of a product because they don’t influence taste or smell.

A fully recyclable material

Glass is one of the few types of packaging that really meets the definition of truly recyclable. It can be recycled repeatedly with no degradation in the quality of the packaging as a result. Glass recycling has now reached 73% across the EU and is one of the most high profile alternatives to plastic packaging for those who are looking to reduce the environmental impact of the consumer choices that they make.

Whether you’re an individual or a business, glass provides more options that are eco-friendly too. Particularly for retailers this is starting to be increasingly important. Environmental impact is something that many consumers are aware of today and buying choices are regularly influenced by how green and transparent the business and its processes are.

A great option for innovation

Glass can be totally customised as a packaging option, from embossing and sleeving through to sprayed and etched coatings. It can also be moulded and shaped to create unique designs that are specifically suited to the needs of a particular product. Importantly, it’s non-toxic and so glass bottles and jars are an ideal choice for innovative businesses looking for packaging that protects, preserves and presents products but won’t affect them.

A tactile product

Particularly when it comes to the millennial audience, customers increasingly expect packaging that adds to the product experience. Glass is such a tactile material and one that can have great sensory appeal – it is easy to use it to enhance how customers experience a product. Many brands have used visual innovation in glass to help attract new and younger audiences, for example developing glass products that change colour in daylight and even as a surface to display scrolling messages (see MEDEA Vodka LED bottles).

Whether you are looking for a way to store homebrew or you’re a brand in need of a packaging upgrade, glass jars and bottles make a lot of sense. You can browse our full selection here.