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Make your own DIY glass jar snow globes in time for Christmas

14 November 2018
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There’s something about snow globes that just screams “Christmas!” These super festive little ornaments come in all shapes and sizes but are difficult to personalise – unless of course you make your own. A DIY glass jar snow globe is a great way to get everyone engaged in gift making and giving this year. It also provides a simple option for making the presents you give distinctive and bespoke.

Creating DIY glass jar snow globes

It takes less than an hour to make your own snow globes – you just need the right kit:

  • Plenty of glitter (around two tablespoons per jar)
  • 2 ounces of clear glue per jar
  • Whatever you want to put inside the snow globe e.g. a figurine
  • Your glass jar(s)
  • A glue gun

Making the main event

The main focus of your snow globe is going to be whatever you put inside that stands tall as the glittery snow falls all around. This could be a Christmas tree ornament, a bauble or a figurine. Whatever you decide to use it needs to have a fairly flat underside. The first thing you’ll need to do is to glue that underside to the inside of the lid of your glass jar.

Creating the right conditions for snow

The liquid inside the snow globe has a big part to play in whether the “snow” inside falls in that magical, fluttery way that is common to most snow globes. For that you’ll need to add your clear glue to your glass jar and then top up with warm water. Make sure that you stir the mix well so that the water and the glue combine.

Putting the “snow” in snow globe

Add your glitter to the jar full of water and glue. Stir this well. You should be able to get an idea of whether you have enough glitter or need to add more once you’ve stirred it. It’s always a good idea to start off with less and then add what you think the water needs to achieve the perfect effect.

Bringing the snow globe together

Make sure that the glue on your figurine or ornament has fully dried onto the inside of the glass jar lid. Then put the lid on the jar so that the figurine is now upside down inside the glittery water of your snow globe.

Check for leaks

You’ll need to seal the glass jar tightly to ensure that your snow globe functions properly. Once the lid of the glass jar is tightly screwed on turn the glass jar upside down so that the lid is now at the bottom. Check for any leaks (there shouldn’t be any if you have a high quality glass jar).

Shake for festive feelings

Your snow globe is complete so you can shake it up and enjoy watching the glitter snow fall – or wrap it up and put it under the tree for one lucky recipient.

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