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How to: Customise your Christmas Packaging

18 December 2014
Tags: giftboxes

Whether it’s jars or spirits that you're giving as a gift to your loved ones this year, you will need a way to present them that's unique and looks appealing. The best approach is often the simplest, and starting with a stylish box gives you the flexibility to give it as it is, or customise it to make personalised gifts this Christmas.

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JBC's Giftboxes - Fresh New Ideas!

25 May 2014
Tags: Giftbox, News

At JBC we are always looking for new product ideas and exciting new ways to innovate with our products. Now, alongside our fantastic range of glass bottles and glass jars, we have produced an attractive range of giftboxes that you can use to make something really special from a gift of your products. These giftboxes are the first of our new line of designs of gift packaging for our jars and they are perfectly designed to be presents. At the moment we are offering two types of giftboxes, the two window and the four window, both of which are delivered flat and need only minimal storage. They are incredibly easy to assemble and have been made from high quality materials that make them both sturdy and stylish.

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