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The beginner's guide to homebrewing

19 November 2015
Tags: home brewing, beer bottles

Home brewing has a lot of appeal these days, not just because of the cash that you can save by making your own beer but because this also gives you a great deal more control over the taste and quality of what you consume. If you’re a beginner looking to enter the home brew world for the first time then here are a few tips on how to get started.

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What to look for in bottles to complement your homebrew

10 March 2015
Tags: Bottle, Home Brew

After your homebrew is ready, you want to pick a type of bottle to present it in which will complement your flavours and the image that you want to give. Packaging your homebrew effectively will give the finishing touches to your product.

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How to: Choose The Right Glass Bottle For Your Homebrew This Season

4 June 2014
Tags: Bottle, Home Brew

Homebrew bottles come in different shapes and sizes and it’s important that you choose the right one for your creations, both in terms of style and substance. As experts in homebrew bottles we offer a range of stylish and attractive bottles that start from around 50ml volume and go all the way up to 750ml bottles for wine. Our bottles come in a range of glass colours and designs and we also sell essential equipment, such as the bottle capper. If you’re just starting out with home brewing and still not sure how to choose your bottles then here are a few tips on how to do it.

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Can Home Brew Really Save You Money?

5 May 2014
Tags: Home Brew

Given the financial pressures we have all been feeling in recent years, economising and making savings wherever possible have been at the top of most people’s lists. With alcohol being one of those expenses that isn’t really a ‘necessity’ (although arguably there are times when it might be!), this is often one of the first areas where budgets tend to be tightened. One solution that many people are now turning to is opting for home brew instead of paying supermarket prices. With all the advances in technology, home brew no longer means producing something undrinkable that then sits in the shed for a few years and gets thrown out. You can make some genuinely delicious and unique concoctions at home now so there’s no compromise on taste. But can it really save you money?

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Ten Tips for Home Brewing

8 April 2014
Tags: Home Brew, Tips

Making your own beer, cider and wine at home is now incredibly popular. Not only does it mean that you can create the booze you love exactly to your own taste but it’s a great way to save money too. Whether you’re new to the home brew scene or you’re an old hand looking for a few new ideas below are ten tips on how to get home brewing exactly right.

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