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Jammin' with JBC - Cardiff Food Project

2 August 2013
Tags: Jammin with JBC, Jam, Cardiff, Jars, Packaging

This week on Jammin’ with JBC, we’re delighted to talk all things baking and making with Lauren at Cardiff Food Project, a foodie who blogs all about the city’s food scene. 

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Jammin’ with JBC – Charlotte’s Kitchen Diary

17 July 2013
Tags: Jammin with JBC, Jam, Chutneys, Jars, Packaging

Here at JBC, we’re always excited to hear from suppliers and home-cookers who have caught the making and baking bug as much as we have.  We had a little chat with qualified chef and food writer Charlotte, who is the MD of gluten-free cake producer Go Free Foods Ltd. and documents her cooking exploits on her blog Charlotte’s Kitchen Diary. Let’s discover what jams and chutneys make her tick: 

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Jammin’ With JBC – Helen @ forty percent fringe sixty percent face

28 June 2013
Tags: Jammin with JBC, Jam, Chutneys, Jars, Packaging

After the success of our Homebrewer’s at Home feature, we thought we’d widen our taste buds somewhat and speak to some of the internet’s tastiest foodie bloggers – discussing what jams, pickles and preserves they love and how important picking perfect packaging is to them. 

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