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How to: 5 easy cookie-jar recipes for baking at home

18 October 2018
Tags: glass jars, how to, recipes

Autumn and winter are fantastic baking months. Warmth from the oven, wonderful baking smells and tasty treats are exactly what everyone needs when the nights are dark and the temperature starts to drop. Cookies are simple to make and easy to whip up for friends or with the kids at the weekend. Here are five of the easiest cookie-jar recipes for baking at home.

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How to: Make these family-favourite recipes in glass jars

28 February 2018
Tags: glass jars, how to, recipes

Glass jars make the ideal containers for tasty family friendly food that you can take anywhere. Easy to use, aesthetically pleasing and portable they provide the perfect way to create good looking edibles that will also remain super fresh. If you’re looking for inspiration for some glass jar recipes for spring then these are some of our favourites.

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When Life Throws You A Lemon – Make Lemonade

23 June 2014
Tags: swingstopper, lemonade, glass bottle, recipes, bottle, how to make

Summer’s finally here and it’s the perfect opportunity to start producing some quality home beverages – and what better way to start than with our traditional lemonade recipe!

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Summer Jam Recipes And The Best Jars To Put Them In

23 April 2014
Tags: Jam, Jars, Recipes

For keen jam fans the start of summer is an exciting time as it’s the part of the year when all the more exotic fruits start to appear – making for some exciting jam combinations! From fresh peaches and raspberries, through to summer strawberries bursting with ripeness, putting all that fruity goodness into a jam means that you can enjoy the taste of the English summer all year round. Here are a few tips for your summer jam making, as well as some great recipes and ideas for jars to store your creations in.

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