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How to: Make biscuits in a jar to compete with the Great British Bake Off

9 September 2016
Tags: how to, baking, glass jars

It’s week 3 and the Great British Bake Off is in full swing, much to the delight of over 11 million people across the UK. The popular annual show is also becoming popular worldwide to a global audience, as more and more people are inspired to follow the show’s recipes and try them out at home.

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How to: Make Easter Shortbread Biscuits

27 March 2015
Tags: how to, baking, jars

With Easter around the corner, you may have seen your fair share of chocolate eggs already. But what better alternative to the traditional chocolate egg than another sweet treat – a classic Easter shortbread biscuit. This easy recipe from JBC will satisfy your sweet tooth and be the perfect treat this Easter.

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How to make: yummy blackberry, basil and apple crumble

13 August 2013
Tags: baking, homemade, crumble, apple, blackberry

We don’t know about you, but nothing says late summer more than the sight of blackberries growing on brambles. 

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