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How to: Start homebrewing as a new hobby

8 December 2017
Tags: homebrewing, how to, glass jars

The New Year is the perfect opportunity to start a new hobby. So, as 2018 approaches, if you’ve ever thought about homebrewing then this might be the perfect time to start planning your first batch. There are lots of reasons why you might want to consider getting into the world of homebrewing. From adding another string to your bow, to the delicious beer you can produce, there are some obvious benefits to doing this for yourself, which is why homebrewing is so popular in the UK.

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Homebrewing in the cold: What you need to know

8 November 2016
Tags: homebrewing

Unless you’re an avid and frequent homebrewer, it’s unlikely that you have necessarily considered the effect that the weather and change in temperature can have on your homebrew. There’s no mistaking that the weather is quickly turning colder now in the UK and winter is on its way, so this is an important factor to consider when making your homebrew. Here are some of our best tips and advice for homebrewing in the cold winter months:

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3 features to look for when choosing bottles for your homebrew

27 April 2016
Tags: glass bottles, homebrewing

A homebrew is something to be proud of, and it’s important to look for bottles that reflect the taste and inspiration behind your brew. You’ll want to choose bottles that make your product look good, whilst not affecting the taste in any way. With such a wide range of bottles available, here are 3 features to look for when choosing bottles for your homebrew:

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