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How to Make: Valentine’s Day Specials

10 February 2014
Tags: how to make, homemade

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching – do you know what you are getting your other half this year? Why not make something for them? These recipes would be perfect! Store in a cute KilnClip jar and wrap with red ribbon and attach a homemade label for a DIY gift made with love. 

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How to: Preserve Foods in Jars

3 February 2014
Tags: homemade, jars

Have you always wanted to try preserving food but not sure how to do so? Throw things in the freezer instead? Well, learn how to preserve your pickles, jams and sauces in jars with this easy step-by-step guide. 

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How to make: yummy blackberry, basil and apple crumble

13 August 2013
Tags: baking, homemade, crumble, apple, blackberry

We don’t know about you, but nothing says late summer more than the sight of blackberries growing on brambles. 

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How to make: summery elderflower cordial

2 July 2013
Tags: cooking, homemade, bottles, cordial

It may not always feel like it, but we’re currently in the height of summer. And if there’s something tastier or more redolent of the long, warm summer months than home-made elderflower cordial then frankly we don’t want to know. 

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