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When Life Throws You A Lemon – Make Lemonade

23 June 2014
Tags: swingstopper, lemonade, glass bottle, recipes, bottle, how to make

Summer’s finally here and it’s the perfect opportunity to start producing some quality home beverages – and what better way to start than with our traditional lemonade recipe!

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How to Make: Mini Jar Cupcake Storage

10 March 2014
Tags: how to make, jars

Have you seen those cute mini cupcake trinket boxes that seem to be in every gift shop you walk into? Well why fork out a small fortune on one as a gift for a friend when you can make your own? Here’s how with an easy to follow guide:

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How to Make: Valentine’s Day Specials

10 February 2014
Tags: how to make, homemade

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching – do you know what you are getting your other half this year? Why not make something for them? These recipes would be perfect! Store in a cute KilnClip jar and wrap with red ribbon and attach a homemade label for a DIY gift made with love. 

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How to Make: Pin Cushion Jars

20 January 2014
Tags: how to make, jars

Do you own a sewing tin or have you just shoved all your mending materials in a draw somewhere? If you have ever stabbed yourself with a pin accidently then you know how painful it is and the importance of having suitable storage.

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How to: Brew Beer at Home

13 January 2014
Tags: how to make, homebrew, homebrew bottles, homebrew equipment

Do you enjoy a Friday night down the pub with friends but finding 

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