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How to: Make your own delicious infused oils

14 July 2017
Tags: how to, infusion, oil, glass bottle, oil bottle

Infused oils are fast becoming a key recipe for success in the kitchen. Delicious, flavour-rich and impressive aesthetically, they’re ideal for use at home and also make great gifts. You might buy infused oils from an artisan store or a local farmer’s market but did you know that you can also make them at home?

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How to Make Christmas-Flavour Infused Vodka to Give As A Gift This Year

16 December 2016
Tags: vodka, infusion, how to, glass bottles, decanter

Christmas comes once a year as the perfect time for merriment and gift giving for many people. Handmade presents are always one way to make your gifts to friends and family unique and if you are thinking of adding a personal touch, you even can try making some infused vodka this year, using one of our tried and tested methods. When it comes to making infused spirits, vodka is great to work with since it is a very versatile. The subtle taste makes it easy to combine with other ingredients and allows the flavours of each element to remain strong. Since they are good for 2 months, infused vodkas can last you even after the holiday season is over.

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Infused oils are the latest trend… and you can try them!

30 September 2016
Tags: oil infusions, oil bottles, glass bottles

If you’ve ever been offered chilli oil at an Italian restaurant, you’ll know that infused oils can enrich the flavours of a meal. This is just one example of an infused oil, and supermarkets are now even beginning to sell a variety of choices for consumers to buy for regular use. This is a trend that is not going away, but it’s extremely easy to make your own at home at a fraction of the cost.

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