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Glass shortage

30 May 2019
Tags: "jam jars" spirit bottles"

Right now there is a European shortage of glass but JBC Online have their eggs in more baskets than ever. Watch this space for more exciting Spirit bottles, Jars and  closures at competitve prices to give your business a healthy boost.

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Make a beeline for our Edinburgh Raspberry and Honey Jam

12 May 2016
Tags: jam jars, glass jars, recipe

It seems like this week the UK may have begun to experience the start of summer. This may be wishful thinking perhaps, however JBC’s Edinburgh Raspberry and Honey Jam provides the perfect summer taste whatever the weather. And what’s more is that this reduced sugar recipe will help your summer waistline too!

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How To: Make your own warming Somerset Apple Pie Jam

26 November 2015
Tags: how to, jam jars, glass jars

Apples are an often forgotten fruit. In the quest for new and exotic tastes and flavours many of us forget just how delicious and refreshing an apple can be, whether you bake it into a tart, fry it as a fritter or serve it with pork in a sauce. These fragrant and versatile fruits provide the basis for many of our favourite dishes all over the world but it’s not often that we put them into a jam. And it’s even less often that we use them for an apple pie jam.

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