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What are the positive impacts of recycling your used glass bottles and glass jars?

29 August 2018
Tags: glass, recycling, glass bottles, glass jars

Glass is a fantastic material - high quality and a non-toxic, it looks beautiful and won’t affect the taste of anything it contains in the same way as something like plastic. It’s also a great option for anyone keen to reduce their impact on the environment, as it can be recycled. If you’re focused on eco concerns then there are some very positive impacts to recycling used glass bottles and glass jars.

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Practical ways to reuse your wine bottles

5 November 2014
Tags: wine, bottles, recycling, reusing

You’ve enjoyed delicious homemade wine in JBC’s bottles, but now you’re left with empty bottles. What can you do with them? Reuse them again and again, or, with orders of as little as 20 units, you can use them elsewhere and simply order more bottles when you need them. So if you’re not making any more wine for now, here are some creative ways to put your old wine bottles to use.

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