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Decorations you can make at home in time for Christmas

13 November 2017
Tags: glass jars, craft, upcycling

Christmas is coming and if you haven’t worked out how to decorate your home this year then you don’t have long to do it. Christmas decorations don’t have to be expensive because you can often create beautiful, unique pieces from what you already have at home, such as already-used glass jars. Plus, if you’re upcycling what you already have then you’re going to make this a much greener and more environmentally friendly Christmas this year too.

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Why upcycling jars is the next big thing for craft enthusiasts

30 June 2016
Tags: upcycling, craft, glass jars

Upcycling has become a popular trend amongst craft enthusiasts, and JBC thought we would get in on the action. We’ve discovered that a growing number of people are now beginning to upcycle jars as a hobby, once they are no longer using them for preserves or as jam jars. If you enjoy craft and have some spare glass jars that you no longer use, why not give these craft ideas for upcycling jars a go?

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