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What benefits are there to choosing packaging that fits your corporate social responsibility?

12 April 2018
Tags: packaging, glass jars, glass bottles

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Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has evolved significantly in recent years. Today, it has become a powerful force in business and a key component in how consumers and customers choose the brands that they want to buy from. So, a clear corporate social responsibility policy is an important part of establishing a brand identity for any business. However, it doesn’t stop there – if you want to demonstrate commitment to your CSR then this needs to be evident in the decisions your organisation takes. Choosing packaging that fits with your CSR policy is a crucial part of this.

The benefits of CSR-matched packaging

Building a trustworthy and consistent brand. If you want your customers to trust you as a brand then you need to demonstrate consistency and a commitment to the values you say that you believe in. This means showing a commitment to more sustainable types of packaging and options that will help to reduce the impact that your business has on the environment.

Reducing costs. A solid CSR policy will drive the business towards reducing the volume of packaging involved and finding ways to minimise what you need to sell your products in. This can result in some considerable cost savings, as there will be less packaging to budget for.

Embracing innovation. Those businesses that prioritise CSR tend to be more innovative and this translates to the kind of packaging that you use, as well as the way that you use it. A focus on CSR often drives businesses towards creating new, better packaging and products that would never have been conceived without that direction in place. For example, the global brand Unilever applied a “lens of sustainability” to its business and, as a result, was able to create truly innovative products, such as conditioner that requires less water.

A longer-term approach. The very heart of CSR is environmental protection and sustainability – looking at the impact of the actions of the business now and in the context of the future. Packaging is one area where many businesses are the most wasteful and so implementing packaging in line with your CSR policy now can have a huge positive impact in the years to come.

Setting your brand apart. CSR is a hot topic but in reality there are few organisations that have really embraced it right down to the packaging. If you’re keen to find a way to stand out from the crowd then demonstrating that your practical processes and CSR commitments align in this way is a great place to start.

Customer and employee engagement. Ensuring that your packaging choices are in line with your CSR – and that customers and staff know about this – is a great tool when it comes to engagement. This unambiguous message of sustainability will help you to better communicate with both customers and staff who might be looking for reasons to believe in your business.

If you’re keen to switch to packaging that is in line with your CSR, glass bottles and glass jars are the ideal choice – completely recyclable and reusable they are perfect for packaging that is greener and more sustainable as well as being better quality. We have a range of sustainable options on our website, from glass bottles to jars.