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What packaging trends are we likely to see in 2018?

5 January 2018
Tags: packaging design, packaging innovations

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The New Year brings with it a fresh range of ideas and innovations for the retail industry. From faster and better fulfillment, to new ways of overcoming old obstacles, 2018 represents a great opportunity for positive change. Packaging, like many other areas of retail and fulfillment, is also going to see some disruption – these are a few of the packaging trends that are most likely to come to the fore in 2018.

Ecommerce-focused packaging

With more and more people now buying online, this year will see ecommerce become a major influence on packaging design. It’s not just about producing packaging that works for ecommerce orders but packaging that enhances the experience for the customer. The way a consumer experiences buying online is an increasingly important part of brand loyalty and packaging that enhances that experience is one way to be more competitive and to stand out.

More sustainable, less wasteful packaging

Many consumers now feel uncomfortable about the amount of packaging waste they play a role in generating. And, as ecommerce continues to grow, we are seeing an increased focus on finding ways to ensure that the growth in the online delivery market doesn’t result in an increase in landfill and waste. So, for 2018 sustainably produced packaging is likely to be a burgeoning trend, as well as customers becoming more curious about whether packaging is recyclable. The way that goods are packaged will also be under much more scrutiny – how much of that packaging is really necessary and which types of materials (e.g. glass) can be recycled again and again?

Minimalist packaging

There are two elements to the minimalist packaging trend for 2018: a concise message and using as little packaging as possible. Consumers today are suffering from information overload on a regular basis so, when it comes to product packaging, brand messages, product information etc need to be kept short and sweet. Overdesigned, overly detailed packaging will become a thing of the past as brands look to deliver messages ever more concisely. We are also moving towards minimalist packaging with just a single packaging component being the optimum as far as customers are concerned. Multiple boxes, covers, packing fodder or plastics are increasingly unattractive to consumers and so minimalist packaging will be a big trend for 2018.

The best things come in small packages

In line with a more minimalist approach to packaging, we’ll also see package sizes reducing this year. If you’ve ever ordered an item online only for it to arrive in a huge box five times the size, you’ll know how irritating it can be to then have to dispose of that packaging. So, for 2018 it will be all about using the smallest possible packaging sizes for items being sent out – frugal choices and small parcels, as well as smart packaging that accommodates more than one item will all be more the norm. We offer a range of packaging solutions that will enable your business to accommodate many of the incoming trends for 2018. You can shop our range of packaging here.