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Hello, we are online suppliers of glass bottles, glass food jars and closures.

JBCOnline are part of a wider group of packaging companies, which stretch across Europe and Australasia. Understanding that good quality requires attractive pricing and good old fashioned service, all of our glass bottles and glass jars are hand packed, and even labelled with the name of the person who packed it, it's the little things that make a relationship work.

Have a look around our fab site and above all, if you have any questions, drop us an email or even a tweet!

Have you seen our latest products yet? Check them out here https://t.co/RxY8e987CP

20 July

Discover how you can create your own unique infused oils for cooking here https://t.co/eDwGsc1f3K

20 July

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Why is recycling glass jars important?

Almost any packaging made from glass can be recycled. From glass jars for jam or pickle through to glass bottles for beer or spirits, when you finish the product inside, you don’t have to throw out the packaging, you…

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