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Hello, we are online suppliers of glass bottles, glass food jars and closures.

JBCOnline are part of a wider group of packaging companies, which stretch across Europe and Australasia. Understanding that good quality requires attractive pricing and good old fashioned service, all of our glass bottles and glass jars are hand packed, and even labelled with the name of the person who packed it, it's the little things that make a relationship work.

Have a look around our fab site and above all, if you have any questions, drop us an email.

If you don't already, you really should follow our friends @Croxsons. They work with some awesome brands on their packaging!

4 February

Using #GlassBottles that can be recycled means a reduction in #waste. Watch this video about how a used #bottle bec… https://t.co/vOVMCECm72

31 January

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How to: Give your customers the best experience with glass packaging

Glass packaging has a very wide range of benefits, both for consumers and the brands they buy from. It has long been considered a premium option for products but this goes far beyond simple aesthetic appeal. If you’r…

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